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Amanda’s tips for owning your vacation time

“How do you get the most out of your vacation time?”

We asked Amanda at 7Across for her recommendations on how members can get the most out of their vacation time each year with timeshare.

Here are her top tips so 7Across members can take note!

• Be proactive. It's your membership, so tell us what you want out of your exchange!

• Be flexible with times and locations

• If you can only take vacations during school holidays we understand – but only limited number of school holiday weeks get deposited, so be sure to request in advance (and be prepared that these weeks may only come in closer to the check in date)

• If you have your heart set on one resort that is hard to get, ask your 7Across Getaway Guide what other resorts in the area may be suitable as well

Having worked in the timeshare industry, what tricks have you learnt or what opportunities have you seen offered to members?

• After 17 years at 7Across I have seen thousands of families enjoy awesome holidays both domestically and internationally

• When requesting availability overseas on Exchange, know that timeshare is not for capital cities. So if London, Paris and Rome are on your hit list, you can access our Travel Agency through 7Across for great member deals, rather than trying to use your timeshare. After exploring that city, you can then use your timeshare around that country and visit a different area in the countryside, mountains or coast.

• Personally, I have stayed in hotels in capital cities then headed off on the train or hire car and into the country where I've had great experiences

• If it’s a tropical holiday you are looking for and you have a request in for Hawaii, keep in mind that we have many more requests than timeshare opportunities there. Ask your agent - where else can I get that experience? Think outside the square - it may be an Exchange or a rental and we have some amazing destinations to explore that members love just as much - if not more than - Hawaii.



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