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    Safaris, sunsets, open plains and epic wine. If South Africa is on your bucket list, make 2020 the year to visit this incredibly diverse country, full of unbelievable sights, adventure, luxury and history that will have you diving deep into its pages.


    British Columbia is a best-seller that’s always at the top of our list. Stunning scenery, panoramic landscapes, natural wonders and wide open spaces waiting to be explored or simply admired from the comfort of your resort.


    India’s mountainous north is simply spectacular. Bordered by the Himalayas, the region has retained its unique culture, with countless ancient temples and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore. Take it from us – this is one adventure story you do not want to miss.


    The North and South Island of New Zealand are home to more places and experiences than anyone can fit into a single vacation. Hikes, beaches, bays, wineries, lakes, glaciers, mountains – see what we mean? Get your New Zealand story started and come back to write chapter after chapter.


    Paradise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, with stunning crystal clear water, white sand and warm, friendly people – Cook Islands, we are coming for you in 2020! Pack a few extra books – you’ll be entering relaxation mode from the moment you arrive.


    Take a trip back in time to Williamsburg. With buildings and monuments dating back over 400 years to the American Revolution, this historical wonderland is topping the list of destinations for history buffs to visit in 2020.


    For a tiny island state, Tasmania packs a huge punch. The jewel in Australia’s tourism crown, Tasmania keeps re-writing its story – from unbeatable dining and cultural experiences to some of the country’s most amazing natural wonders, if you haven’t been to Tasmania, get yourself there in 2020.

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