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Fun Ways to Enjoy Social Distancing

Social distancing is a new term we’re all getting used to – and while we’re encouraged to keep our distance, stop handshaking and hugging and re-consider meetings and catch ups with friends and co-workers, there are ways to find the fun side of it.

  • 1.

    Bring out the boardgames or organise a family movie night. When was the last time you did a puzzle and popped some popcorn? We’ll sign up for that!

  • 2.

    Take the opportunity to call, email or message a friend that you haven’t spoken to for years.

  • 3.

    Follow the lead of the Italians who have been singing from their balconies to their neighbours (the video has gone viral and we are all about this kind of community connection)

  • 4.

    Join in the conversation and follow the #AloneTogether hashtag which is trending on social media and see how creatives, comedians and members of the global community are spending their time

  • 5.

    Learn a language! You might have been promising to do this for years and never got around to it (like us) – check out online resources like Duolingo www.duolingo.com or Audible www.audible.com.au

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