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Your Favourite Things!

We asked YOU what you love most about timeshare ownership and you shared so many special stories.
Read through all of the amazing DAE Member stories below...

  • 7Across Member, Annette

    "We joined two years ago and we’ve had 5 amazing weeks holiday so far in NZ and OZ and off tomorrow for another one up north and one booked for Rarotonga in March. It’s been the best decision ever, it makes family time! And it’s cheap!!! We love it!"

  • 7Across Member, Janet N

    "We have been in Timeshare since 1988. Thought we had made a big mistake! How wrong we were. It is great. Had holidays we would never have had if we had not joined. But try telling others who Just Don't Get It. We have introduced some friends to Timeshare and now they too are enjoying the benefits."

  • 7Across Member, Janet F

    "Well, I suppose I could say that I couldn't live without my timeshare. We bought our first timeshare credits in 2001 and since then have bought into Pacific View Resort at Caloundra. The timeshares are interchangeable and we enjoy many weeks of great holidays every year. I always check the price I pay against the booking agents and am satisfied with the prices that I pay. The older style resorts offer great value.⁠"

  • 7Across Member, Kellie

    "Being able to share great holidays with family and friends."

  • 7Across Member, Delene

    "I have used my timeshare in Australia, NZ, Bali and USA. I love the community that timeshare accommodation provides. Unlike normal hotels the timeshare resort guests like to mingle, share holiday stories and experiences and you generally make new friends where ever you go. Also the facilities like kitchens, fridges, bbqs, and washing machines mean that families can travel together on a reasonable budget rather than having to pay to eat out all the time. You do have to plan your holidays and make requests to get into some of the more popular destinations but the staff at DAE will always guide you on these ideas. Thanks for all your help over the years with my exchanges DAE!"

  • 7Across Member, Margaret

    "Love our timeshare! We joined the Tassie tour March 2016, it was well organised and a great trip. Have put in various requests for Australian resorts and scored each time, even during school holidays. Have taken up great bonus weeks. Looking forward to many more opportunities now that we have retired. Thank you to the DAE team."

  • 7Across Member, Ping

    "Only new to timeshare (2018 with Wyndham) but been wanting to learn and use timeshare long before and finally joined. The key to timeshare are to learn all about different ways of using it and know why and how you want to holiday. Everyone holiday differently which all depends on the personal situations and financial situation."

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