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Adventure in Vanuatu

When we think of adventure, riding up to the entrance of an active volcano to witness splashes of molten lava lighting up the night sky is high up on our must-do list. Sound like an adventure story you want to be part of? This bucket list tour will give you a front row seat to the fiery action.

If you thought Vanuatu was all swaying palms and sipping cocktails, think again. At the heart of this tropical paradise lies an adventurous streak – from diving to the depths of awe-inspiring blue holes, to scaling up the sides of an active volcano.

Forging out of the centre of the island like a dark and brooding beacon, Vanuatu’s Mount Yasur Volcano is a sight to behold. Rising up over the east coast of Tanna in Vanuatu’s south, the volcano’s smoking interior contrasts against the lush tropical paradise that surrounds it.

Traverse across the moon-like landscape towards the volcano’s entrance and you will feel like you have been transported to another planet – one far away from the clear blue water and tree-lined shores below.

While ancient and dormant volcanoes are commonplace throughout the Pacific Islands, the chance to witness an active volcano from the rim of the crater is another story. This unique experience on Tanna Island takes visitors to the base of the Mount Yasur Volcano, and from there it’s just a short 10 minute walk up to the bubbling crater to witness the splashes of molten lava that emerge from within.

The multi-hour tour crosses from dusk to darkness – as the night sky fills with sparks of gold, this will certainly be one sunset show to remember.

  • The Isaka Tribe

    At the foot of Mount Yasur, an active volcano on Tanna, an island of Vanuatu, performing a "gratitude" celebration, which is a common occurrence

  • Ambrym

    Ambrym is an island of Vanuatu, which has two active volcanoes: Benbow and Marum. Tourists, photographers and volcano enthusiasts travel from all over the world to view lava lakes, rain-forest coated hills, and the other-worldly black sand beaches.

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